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A Sudden Country

March 29, 2010

Reading the book A Sudden Country by Karen Fisher; she’s one of the featured writers at Fishtrap, where I won a fellowship for July so I thought I’d better read her book. It’s won or been nominated for a slew of awards and it turns out I remember this book being reviewed in Entertainment Weekly […]

Selma Diamond

June 11, 2008

 I haven’t been posting lately, sorry. I just finished my teaching semester last week and this week I started teaching summer school, so I had about, umm, three days off in between. They call that a weekend. On top of that i’ve got a cold, that feels to me like bronchitis, and I even lost […]


March 2, 2008

Remember Grant Goodeve? He played the oldest son, David Bradford, on Eight Is Enough. (photo courtesy of becoming.net). He also sang the title song. Well, this post has nothing to do with Grant Goodeve, but it does have to do with Grants. I spent just about the entire weekend working on a Writing Grant. The […]