Connect and Survive

August 20, 2012

August 20th

Very often, a creative block manifests itself as an addiction to fantasy. Rather than working or living the now, we spin our wheels and indulge in daydreams of could have, would have, should have. One of the great misconceptions about the artistic life is that it entails great swathes of aimlessness. The truth is that a creative life involves great swathes of attention. Attention is a way to connect and survive.

Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way Every Day



It’s been too long. It’s been ages. It’s been an interesting summer.

I’ve been too far away, too long away from this blog and that bothers me.

Back to teaching at the two colleges today, four classes. Time to jump back in.


I’m going to revamp the blog to better reflect where I am now in my life.

The theme will broaden more– still writing, yes, and books, but also to include other aspects of my life more fully, such as art, crafts, zines, vintage finds, making things, friends, gardening.

Connecting and surviving.


Oh, and of course Hal Holbrook the Dog—  who, if you remember, came into my life nearly a year ago (at the end of Oct. 2011).

So stay tuned. I promise I’ll be back.

Rob (and Hal!)

Rob and Hal, Ocean Beach Dog Beach July 2012

3 Responses to “Connect and Survive”

  1. homer said:

    That picture is so cute.

  2. Steven said:

    Looking forward to it!

  3. Lola said:

    Me too
    New or revamped blog!
    xoxoxo LOLA

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