July 22, 2011

I was called to Jury duty on July 11th and made it on to a trial. I’m off from work so it really wasn‘t didn’t seem like a big deal but we’re now heading into our 3rd week, beginning deliberations.

I can’t talk about the trial/case, or give details (I’ve been sworn!) but suffice it to say that all is not resolved in an hour, like on Law & Order (and there’s no Chris Meloni to be found!). Still, it’s been very interesting–who knows, maybe a book will come out of it???

There are certainly no shortage of characters when you hang around a courthouse.

Speaking of… of course my book is getting major neglect right now, though I’ve been sketching out ideas and scenes in my journal.

And summer is two thirds over! I think I have maybe a month left? Yes! A month to the day and I’ll be driving to campus. All those plans I had for a creative summer (writing, reading, making stuff…) are a bit hazy now.

Wahh, wahh, wahh! I’ve still got those four weeks, right?

Julia Cameron, in her book The Artist’s Way Every Day says:

Creativity is inspiration coupled with initiative. It is an act of faith and, in that phrase, the word “act” looms as large as the “faith” that it requires. When we do not act in the direction of our dreams, we are only “dreaming.” Dreams coupled with the firm intention to manifest them take on a steely reality. Our dreams come true when we are true to them. Reality contains the word “real.” We begin to “reel” in our dreams when we toss out the baited hook of intention. When we shift our inner statement from “I’d love to” to “I’m going to,” we shift out of victim and into adventurer.

2 Responses to “Adventurer”

  1. Angie said:

    Great quote from the Artists Way. Last summer a group of artsy friends got together and we worked through the book together. It was quite an adventure.

  2. Ricardo said:

    Hi Rob,

    Hope you are doing well. Looking forward to your next blog. If you ever want to get together and write let me know. I live in azalea park, too. enjoy your sunday!

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