Good ‘Stache

May 24, 2008

I’ve written about Etsy before. If you don’t know Etsy, you should. It’s the coolest site on the web. Ok, well, it’s the coolest site on the web if you’re into DIY (do-it-yourself) crafts, projects, art, fashions, etc.

I don’t remember how I discovered Etsy–oh, wait, yes I do, it was an ad in ReadyMade Magazine.

I’m getting to the purpose of this post in a moment, I swear.

Anyway, I went to a birthday party last week, for two friends (that I met through Eduardo) who are just about as cool as Etsy (not to mention they are two of the most attractive people in San Diego). At the party was this neato woman who had the funniest tattoo. It was a moustache, tattooed to her finger, so that when she put her finger under her nose it looked like a little drawn ‘stache under her nose. It was hilarious. I’m probably really behind the times on this but it was new to me.

fingerstache.jpgstachegirl.jpgI discovered it’s called a fingerstache and apparently it’s sweeping the country. There’s even a wikipedia entry about it (of course).

It got me thinking about how much I love mustaches. (ok, I just typed moustaches, but my spell check told me it was wrong!–what gives? Is moustache the European spelling and mustache the redneck spelling?).

mustache-badge.jpgA few months ago, you may remember, I bought this fun felt badge with a mustache on it (from MooseandBear— a great Etsy seller).

So yesterday I decided to do a search on Etsy for more mustache items and low and behold there are a TON! It’s easy– all you have to do is type in “Mustache” (or Moustache) in the search engine on the Etsy website, and a whole bunch of Moustache items appear, such as:

ginger-mustaches.jpg These ginger mustaches– party favors for your guests to wear. (from the seller Lupin)

ron-burgundy.jpg This Ron Burgundy felt doll with that funky lil ‘stache. (from Kezzaroo)

mustache-book-bag.jpg This mustache book bag. (from Eriogonum)

mustache-princess.jpg This awesome print, called “Mustache Princess” (from CuriousZoo)

mustache-pillow.jpgThis freaking crazy pillow! which comes with velcroed mustaches!

mustache-pillow-back.jpg MUST HAVE THIS PILLOW (from sallyenglanddesign) There’s also a smaller version of the pillow.

And, of course, the item i’m STILL pining for…

mustache-comb.jpgmustache-comb-2.jpgmustache-comb-3.jpgThe Mustache Comb Necklace. (by Makool)


vegas-baby-069.jpgWouldn’t I look cool with that? Tiny running shorts on, and striped tubesocks pulled up to my knees, my shirt unbuttoned down to my navel and the mustache necklace swinging like a pendulum between my chiseled pecs?

2 Responses to “Good ‘Stache”

  1. Angie said:

    That would be so hawt! 😉

    All of the mustache stuff is really neat. The finger tattoo was funny, although I think it would be one that I would regret when I turned 80 because I would probably have a real one by then…LOL!

  2. Eunice said:

    Hey, Im wondering if I can use the picture (the one holding the mustache comb)
    just the guy i will cut the comb off, cuz i need a picture that looks just like that, a guy with mustache, and that one is perfect. so if i may, please let me know.
    it’s not for any commercial use, don’t worry:)

    please contact me as soon as possible, thank you very very much

    Eunice Kenning Lee

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